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Roast, Cup, Rinse, and Repeat

As smoke bellows out of the Chimney across Haywood Road into the nooks of our West Asheville neighborhood, our Artisan Roaster finished roasting another small batch of our signature Black Widow™ Naturally Grown Fair Trade coffee.

In 1996, our family began on a journey that would take us on the path to be the leading Artisan Roaster in Western North Carolina. As Bean Werks Coffee & Tea continues to grow in knowledge and experience, we continue to learn from each bean, each roast, and each customer. We have roasted with an old Diedrich manual roaster from our inception and we are proud to say that we have stayed away from any automation in our roasting or production. Our small crew works hard each day in order to produce premium coffees that cannot be matched by any automated means. The selection of our green beans is extremely important to Bean Werks. We sample coffee daily using an old but effective technique of Roast, Cup, Rinse, and Repeat. Our Artisan Roast-Master Eli Ornberg has the skills and experience necessary to produce the exquisite roast profiles we seek in all of our coffees. In order to guarantee consistency in artisan roasting, every roast is logged in a complex and comprehensive chart which helps us to track every possible variable in roasting with respects to environmental temperature and moisture, roasting temp (start to finish), roasting time and weight.  This method also helps us to make slight alterations to the roast profile which are needed to bring out the beans most desirable traits.  It is only when a bean has been put through many trials that it finally becomes available to you - the customer.​

Experience vitally. Enjoy one of Bean Werk’s premium single origins or signature blends today.

Our Mission

Coffee and community go hand in hand. Whether it be small groups that gather at the local cafe or whole villages that depend on the crop for their livelihood, coffee is a common element that connects people. Our community in Western North Carolina, is an amazing source of innovation and positive energy. We partner with local businesses, organizations, and schools to benefit the community at large. Whenever possible we seek direct relationships with the individuals we buy our green beans from in order to ensure that those communities are also strong and sustainable. Around the neighborhood and across the globe, we strive to bring people together for great coffee.

Ric Hariyanto of Sriwajawa and Roast Master Eli Ornberg